About Our Farm

Wild Organics is a small family farm, that works hard to conserve natural resources, and reduce waste. Our packaging is plant based and compostable. After we are done harvesting trays, our growing medium, roots and all, are removed from trays and fed to our chickens and ducks. Trays are washed, cleansed with hot water and food safe soap, sanitized with food grade hydrogen peroxide, and air dry to be re-used. Carefully hand watered in organic medium to conserve water, with organic fertilizer. 

24 hours before harvest, trays are set out to air dry in front of large fans, to remove residue moisture from the product. After drying, they are ready to be harvested. We place a moisture packet in each plant based container, to further extend the life of produce. Each packet is carefully weighed and packaged by the owners Justin Johns and Norah Montoya. These packages will be good for up to two weeks or longer. With locally grown microgreens at wild organics there's no need to settle for mediocre produce that lack flavor and loose freshness in days.

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